31 August 2015

Governing with the people

Claudia Photo for blog.jpg
Our guest blogger, Claudia Chwalisz, Senior Policy Researcher at Policy Network and Crook Public Service Fellow at the University of Sheffield discusses political participation for citizens.

13 August 2015

Reforming services: the example of refugee support

Joe Brady, Head of Protection & Integration at the Scottish Refugee Council, explains an organisational change process that led to a sharper focus on assets. He explains how service redesign was achieved through developing principles and trying and testing new approaches to learn what works in tackling issues of refugee integration and exclusion. This has included using Christie Principles and integrating evidence to action.

12 August 2015

A democratic future for community planning?

Calum Irving CEO of Voluntary Action Scotland v2.jpg
Guest blogger Calum Irving, Chief Executive of Voluntary Action Scotland, explains how his organisation has been working on a new vision for third sector interfaces to build the third sector’s relationship with community planning.