18 June 2015

The economics of prevention: ways of seeing

What Works Scotland Research Associate, Richard Brunner reflects on the recent Economics of Prevention seminar jointly organised by What Works Scotland and NHS Health Scotland on prevention in policing, health and housing.

People make Partnerships

Tony-Fisher[1].pngGuest blogger Anthony Fisher, Team Leader in a Community Care Team, social work student in the third sector and Scottish Collaborative Innovation Partnership Process (SCIPP) member attempts to simplify why partnership is the way ahead and that it's so much more than sharing office space.

17 June 2015

Why and how 'what works' is important for Scotland

As Chief Researcher at the Scottish Government, Zoe Ferguson was instrumental in establishing What Works Scotland. Here, she reflects on the journey so far.

12 June 2015

I can't believe it's not better

Nick Bland, Co-Director at What Works Scotland, shares reflections on an evidence review, ‘Scaling-Up Innovation’, published today as part of What Works Scotland’s workstream on Spread and Sustainability.