18 June 2018

Third sector leadership – the promise of collective accounts of leadership

James Rees, Carol Jacklin-Jarvis and Vita Terry 
James Rees, Carol Jacklin-Jarvis and Vita Terry from the Centre for Voluntary Sector Leadership have provided this guest blog. 

They examine the challenges and opportunities offered by adopting collective leadership practices in third and voluntary sector organisations.

24 May 2018

Knowing how: Putting research into practice

cardboard figures piece together a jigsaw What Works Scotland and community planning partners in Fife have worked together on collaborative action research projects for the past three years.

Here, Coryn Barclay, Research Consultant at Fife Council, blogs about how research is the 'secret weapon in public service reform'.

9 April 2018

Changing alcohol culture: developing our LOIP priority and what we’ve learnt about partnership working

Changing Aberdeenshire’s relationship with alcohol is a Local Outcomes Improvement Plan (LOIP) priority for Aberdeenshire Community Planning Partnership. 
Head and shoulders photo of Wayne Gault

In this blog post, Wayne Gault, Lead Officer with the Aberdeenshire Alcohol and Drug Partnership, reflects on how the Partnership approached the priority, what they have learnt from the experience, and what it means for practice.

29 March 2018

Mapping the frontiers of collaborative governance

James Henderson and Nick Bland from What Works Scotland worked with Aberdeenshire Community Planning Partnership and partners from spring 2015 until early 2017 to develop action research projects and activities, with 2017 providing opportunities for further reflective work within the CPP. 

Here, James discusses the latest (but not the final) report generated by this work together, and which explores emerging multi-layered preventative partnership working, as per the Christie Commission agenda.

1 February 2018